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population in the san jose. >> cardinals celebrate mass before beginning the conclave to elect a new pope. i'm randall pinkston in vatican city with the story coming up. >> and the gun control debate continues. a big response to a gun buyback and a new bill that may let one community decide the fate of gun shows. >> it's 7:30 on march 10th. i'm anne makovec. we're going to be sitting down with state senator mark leno. >> boom time in san francisco as the entire bay area really makes this super bowl bid. we'll hear from mayors present and past on that. >> and, plus, we're going to be taking a look at the key part of the east bay span that got put in on the bridge. the cardinals in the vatican will begin the process of selecting a new pope. >> at this point, there's no clear front runner. let's go to randall pinkston joining us from vatican city. good morning, randall. >> reporter: good morning, anne. the cardinals have been engaged in all kinds of matters, talking about changes, management, and the
in oakland for today. en 66 mountain view and san jose and for santa rosa, the extended forecast. leaving in the possibility of a few sprinkles tomorrow and it slowed down a little bit. >> could take awhile for it to exit the area. chance of sprinkles tomorrow. clearing out by the afternoon. fair skies. tuesday, wednesday, another chance of rain moving in on thursday. i will take a look at how much rain we have seen so far out of the weekend storm, coming up. >>> taking a stand. what the white house is saying in the wake of the latest threatses from north korea and what the ambassador says about the leader. >>> how the state tracks sex offenders. it is causing an immediate threat to public safety and how they are responding. we will take you outside. that is interstate 880 rolling on through oakland. there is a crash on the off ramp. we check with chp, last of the spinouts and minor accidents around the bay area. wouldn't be surprised if that is is a rule of the wet roads this morning. be careful out there. this is "mornings on 2". [ boy 1 ] hey! that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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